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Individual Shared Responsibility Calculator

This Individual Shared Responsibility calculator provides information on how much you and your family maybe charged for failure to have an adequate health plan that meets the minimum essential coverage based on IRS standards.  The Individual Shared Responsibility fee, or tax will increase gradually over the next three years. After 2016 the amount will be adjusted based on the cost of living. This calculator should be used as an educational tool. Please talk to your tax agent or financial advisors before making any decisions.  holds no responsibility for decision made from using this educational tool. This calculator does not provide information with regards to subsidies. Please use our Health Insurance Subsidy Calculator to calculate what your potential subsidy can amount to, through the purchase of health plan on the exchange. How to use this tool Note: To avoid any issues with your calculations. Always hit the reset button before putting in new values. This ensures the old values are not stored in your system cache. The final value provided is for 12 months of no coverage. You will only be responsible for the months you did not have coverage. Divide the final value by 12 to give you the cost for each month you failed to be properly insured.  

Health Insurance Tax Penalties/Shared Responsibility Fees Formula

  • 2014: Greater of $95 per adult and $47.50 per child under age 18 (maximum of $285 per family) or 1% of income over the tax-filing threshold. Penalty Paid in 2015
  • 2015: Greater of $325 per adult and $162.50 per child under age 18 (maximum of $975 per family) or 2% over the tax-filing threshold. Penalty Paid in 2016
  • 2016: Greater of $695 per adult and $347.50 per child under age 18 (maximum of $2,085 per family) or 2.5% over the tax-filing threshold. Penalty Paid in 2017

This calculator provides an annual value. The penalty will be assessed for months without health care that meet the minimum essential coverage Divide this number by 12 to get a monthly rate. This calculator assumes the maximum charge between the flat rate, and the percentage rate. Please read the FAQ, and Notes section at the bottom of the calculator to understand how each field is calculated

We are not paid to provide this tool, we provide this tool as a service to millions of Americans who are confused with regards to the Affordable Care Act, and want to learn more on how the law will impact their households. This site provides updates and news on the various aspects and happening of Health Care Topics in America.

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