Things That Happy People Do

Things That Happy People Do

As we move into a New Year, we see all the potential that lies ahead to a happy and joyful year. There are many things that lead to individual happiness, whether it involves you, your spouse, family or career. However the road ahead is not always a walk in the park.

I took an assessment from books, sites, and article on how happy people get through rough patches throughout the year. These tips are small things that happy people do to make life just a little bit better, and now you can too.

  1. Happy People Unplug Each Day from Social Media

Living in the world of Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc., often leaves us desiring other people’s “amazing life”, vacations, homes, etc.  This often leaves individuals feeling inadequate or unhappy with what they have. This bad habit does little to advance your life and move you forward. Focus on unplugging every day, take some time for yourself, go out, cook a great meal, relax, read a book — Everyone in the world have 24 hours per day,  signing off allows you to focus your hours on you instead of watching other people live theirs.

social media vacation

  1. Happy People Turn mistakes into lessons

Accept that mistakes are an inevitable part of life, always work to your full potential, but avoid beating yourself up when something is not exactly how you imagined it. Somethings are more challenging or you may have to walk away from a relationship. Look at these situations as moments to focus on what happened. This will help you turn a mistake into something productive, and an opportunity to grow as an individual. When something goes wrong, focus on learning, growing and moving forward. “Life does not move backwards”

  1. Happy People Spend Less Energy on the Small Stuff

There are tons of small things challenges you will face throughout the year; lost keys, spilt coffee walking out the door. Life is full of these moments that often elicit anger, frustration, and anxiety. Just remember “It’s not that bad” Learning to let go of the little things you can’t control will allow you to focus better on the positive aspects of life, and the things you do have control over.  Don’t spend energy on those things, and focus on more worthy items and individuals in your life worth your time and energy.

  1. Happy People Travel

You don’t have to leave the Country and spend thousands to take a vacation. There are plenty of budget-friendly ways to get out there and see the world. Experiencing a new culture, food or a change in scenery is a great way to bring a little extra happiness into your life. Whether you book a trip alone or with a buddy, traveling helps you create memories that you will never forget. Look into traveling to your neighboring state, travel cost is cheap and it’s a new experience.

travel locally

  1. Happy People Say “Thank You”

Saying thank you is an easy way to pay it forward and make everyone’s day a little brighter. During a busy day, take a second to stop and be grateful for the small stuff. It may not come naturally, but in the long run, it really will increase your happiness. Whether it’s a friendly checkout person at the drugstore or a co-worker who holds the elevator so you can jump in, there are plenty of opportunities to stop and appreciate the little things.

  1. Happy People Learn to Take Breaks

We will get to a point in the year, where we start putting in long hours at the office, or at home. This is draining, and can lead to you being a very unpleasant person. Always schedule time to take a break. It may involve bringing your own lunch to work, stepping out for a brisk walk around the block, or scheduling a massage. Getting your body moving and taking your eyes off your screen will help you come back after just five minutes, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever project is up next on the agenda.

  1. Happy People Make and Use  lists

Using a list can be nerve racking, but every time you can check something off, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. The next time you need to tackle a project, set up a list, and give yourself a specific amount of time to accomplish as much as you can while time ticks away. The minutes will be over before you know it, you’ll find that a daunting task has been reduced or completed.

  1. Happy People Maintain Their Relationships

Maintaining friendships is an important part of leading a happy and full life. Whether you have a few close friends or a big social circle, keeping in contact and having a buddy to cheer you up can make a huge difference. Don’t lose sight of how hard you worked to build these relationships. Reach out to a friend for midday coffee, or send them a quick hello text. It’s easier to maintain an old friendship than it is to build a new one.

maintain friendships

  1. Happy People Leave the Past Behind

Stop dwelling on the things that went wrong in your past, Life does not move backwards every minute spent on the pass is being taken from the present. Make your time more meaningful by looking toward the future. When you stay positive and think about the things you can accomplish, rather the things you did not. It’s easier to find peace with the things that may not have gone your way before.

  1. Happy People are  Honest

Lies cause stress and anxiety, and life is too short not to live authentically. Sometime lying may spare someone else’s feeling, but does it cause you to be someone you are not, or misrepresent yourself? If the answer is yes, “honesty is the best policy,” Be proud and confident of who you are, what you have be the real you.

leave the past behind

  1. Happy People do not Compare themselves to others

Everyone is unique in what they have, and how they choose to live their lives. We all have a certain level of control and choice in the life we choose to live. When you start to compare yourself to others’, you take focus away from your personal progress, and hard work. While jealousy can be hard to beat, learning to let go of how you stack up to others will ultimately help you to focus on your own successes.

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