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IRS Reviews Obamacare First Tax Season

IRS Reviews Obamacares First Tax Season

Congress passed the Affordable Care Act five years ago, but it didn’t impose tax penalties for failure to obtain health insurance until this year. So a big question has hung over this tax-filing season: Would the ACA unleash mass confusion as
irs individual mandate regulations

IRS individual mandate regulations updates

IRS individual mandate regulations updates There have been many questions out there in regards to the individual mandate required under the Affordable Care Act.  The individual mandate is the regulation that requires everyone (with a few exception) to have a health
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Business cut hours due to Obamacare

Businesses Cutting Hours to Avoid Affordable Care Act requirements. Starting January 1, 2014 the individual mandate portion of the affordable care act will go into effect, requiring every individual to have health insurance or pay a health insurance tax. There will