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2012-10-11 announcement

Health Care Reform: If You Are Insured Independently

If You Are Insured Independently By By Kate Pickert Thursday, July 30, 2009 Source: Time Magazine 5% buy health insurance on the open market Current Situation: People who purchase insurance on their own pay the highest premiums because they are not in a large
2012-11-12 how_the_supreme_courts_health_care_ruling_may_change_obamacare

What Health-Care Reform Really Means

If You Are Insured Through Employer By By Kate Pickert Source: Time 53% get health benefits from their job   Current Situation: Employee contributions to job-sponsored health coverage have more than doubled in the past decade. Plans, which are tax-free, are often more
mitt romney

Candidates Focus Message On Medicare, ACA

GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney campaigned in Florida and blasted the health law as a threat to seniors while President Barack Obama attempted to highlight Romney’s changes in position. The New York Times: Romney Works To Build Momentum In Florida, A
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Student Under 26 Coverage

Source: Young Adult Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act, if your plan covers children, you can now add or keep your children on your health insurance policy until they turn 26 years old. What This Means for You Before the

The Aid & Attendance Pension

Curated Content from The Aid and Attendance (A&A) Pension provides benefits for veterans and surviving spouses who require the regular attendance of another person to assist in eating, bathing, dressing and undressing or taking care of the needs of nature.

VA Benefit Application Process & Contact Information

The simplest way to apply for VA health benefits is by completing and submitting VA Form 10-10EZ, Application for Health Benefits online. Apply Online Complete VA Form 10-10EZ, Application for Health Benefitsonline. You may request an appointment when you apply for

VA Benefits & Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance Health insurance coverage through Veteran or Veteran’s spouse provided by employer, Veteran or other non-federal source. VA health care is NOT considered a health insurance plan. VA is required to bill private health insurance providers for medical care,

VA Health Cost & CoPays

While many Veterans qualify for free healthcare services based on a VA compensable service-connected condition or other qualifying factor, most Veterans are asked to complete an annual financial assessment, to determine if they qualify for free services. Veterans whose income exceed