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Obamacare Signup Enrollment

Obamacare Enrollment Surpasses 11 Million

Obamacare Enrollment Continues to Increase Through the last week of December almost 11.3 million people enrolling into private health insurance plans via the exchange marketplaces. Obamacare growth continues to outpace last year’s sign-ups, according to the Department of Health and Human
Obamacare Open Enrollment 2014

Obamacare Open Enrollment 2014 Must Know Items

Obamacare Open Enrollment 2014 Open enrollment in the still-new health insurance system resumed this past Saturday November 15,2014, with several changes that have advocates both hopeful and worried. Here is a list of changes and things to know for this years open
HHS Projects Lower Obamacare Enrollment for 2015

HHS Projects Lower Obamacare Enrollment for 2015

HHS Projects Lower Obamacare Enrollment for 2015 The next Obamacare sign-up period will begin November 15, 2014 and runs through February 15, 2015. Today an analysis was released by HHS where it projected between 9 million and 9.9 million individuals to enroll in
celebrities to help with Affordable Care Act implementation

Affordable Care Act implementation via Celebrities

Celebrities to Help with Affordable Care Act Implementation What do the following names; Jennifer Hudson, Amy Poehler, Michael Cera and Kal Penn, reps for Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys, and Bon Jovi have in common?They are all celebrities that have shown some