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Supreme Court on Obamacare

Americans Don’t Trust Supreme Court on Obamacare Decision

According to an article written by politico.com Many Americans appear to lack trust in the Supreme Court’s handling of cases related to health care and same-sex marriage, with decisions on both of this issues due later this month, according to a CNN/ORC
obamacare turns 5

Obamacare Turns 5: What has changed ?

What Obamacare Looks Like 5 Years Later by AugustinaFite As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marks its fifth anniversary, this month’s poll finds the gap between favorable and unfavorable opinions of the law has narrowed to the closest margin in over
Health insurance tax credits

Majority of Americans will receive Subsidies on Exchange

Study Finds 60% of Americans eligible for credits to purchase Insurance on Exchange According to a report released Tuesday by the Kaiser Family Foundation,  an estimated 17 million individuals will be eligible for some sort of tax credit when they purchase
Obamacare and Small Business

Confusion persists with Obamacare and Small Business Owners

Obamacare still a mystery to most small business & Companies. It’s been three years since the Health Care Reform Bill was signed into law, as of today millions of small business owners have little to no knowledge of the impact health

Virginia cut state employee hours

Virginia Cut Employees hours, to avoid providing health insurance. As Health Care reform continues towards its full implementation, there still exist staunch oppositions to the law, and its various provision aim at protecting patients and making health care more affordable. The

Obamacare PCIP Program closes enrollment

Obamacare PCIP Program Shuts down for new enrolles The PCIP (Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan) one of the firsts program initiated by Obamacare in 2010 is shutting down its doors for new applicants and no longer taking any new applications. On a

Christian Publisher recieves reprive from Birth Control Mandate

Souce: AP News WASHINGTON — A federal judge on Friday temporarily prevented the Obama administration from forcing a Christian publishing company to provide its employees with certain contraceptives under the new health care law. U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton granted a