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Happy People

Things That Happy People Do

Things That Happy People Do As we move into a New Year, we see all the potential that lies ahead to a happy and joyful year. There are many things that lead to individual happiness, whether it involves you, your spouse,
Three seniors doing tai chi on the beach

Exercise for Seniors

There is a fountain of youth. Millions have discovered it – the secret to feeling better and living longer. It’s called staying active. Finding a program that works for you and sticking with it can pay big dividends. Regular exercise can

Secrets to Having a Positive Body Image

Feeling Good About Your Body Chances are you’re the only person in the world who notices the three pounds you put on over the holidays, or the fact that your trendy haircut has now grown into a few split ends. Every

Fad Diets, and why popular they don’t work ?

Fad diet failure by Croix Sather Source: It seems as if a day doesn’t go by when we don’t hear about something related to weight loss, diets or obesity. The latest figures from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Health Group and

How to Stay Motivated to Keep Exercise Exciting

It can be easy to lose your motivation if you get bored with your exercise routine. Here’s how to spice up your routine. By Diana Rodriguez Medically reviewed by Lindsey Marcellin, MD, MPH Source: So you’ve done what you thought