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Managing your Children’s Sports and their Health

Children’s Sports and Maintaining Optimum Health Children’s sports and activities are a focal point of modern society. Between soccer games and gymnastics practice, parents are constantly on the move from one event to another! Health is the most important thing we have in life
How to Prepare Healthy Family Dinners

Ways to Prepare Healthy Family Dinners

How to Prepare Healthy Family Dinners  5 Key components   Creating a healthy and tasty dinner these days have become very complicated, and challenging for most modern nuclear families. Through navigating the complexities of work, helping the kids with homework, and
Epigenetics Prenatal Development 1

Epigenetics Prenatal Development Impact

  The Impact of this study on developing fetus Epigenetics Prenatal Development Impact, Many expecting mothers are very careful about what they eat, drink while pregnant to ensure they have a healthy baby. Pregnant women are often told to stay away from
epilepsy and pregnancy

Epilepsy and Pregnancy: What you need to know

What you need to know about epilepsy and pregnancy For years, women with epilepsy were discouraged from the desire for pregnancy. However thanks to regular and early prenatal care, that is not true anymore as more than 90% of women who
first dentist visit

The Importance of planning your child’s first dentist visit

Why Taking Your Children To Dentist At An Early Age Is Important The ideal time to take your child to a dentist is soon after they have transitioned from bottle to cup. This usually occurs when the child reaches the ages
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Benefits of Acupuncture for Infertility

Acupuncture and Infertility – Can Acupuncture Help You Get Pregnant? The relationship between acupuncture and infertility is relatively well known all throughout ancient Chinese history. The ancient Chinese believed that they could treat any illness by tapping into the energy (or

Should Parents Think Twice about IVF Treatment Given Recent Research?

Giving birth, for many couples, is an essential part of life, and as such, fertility problems can be devastating. In cases where natural routes to birth are exhausted, IVF provides a glimmer of hope. IVF has a 47% pregnancy success rate
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Young Adults & Affordable Care Act

Source If you’re age 18-25, you may not be thinking about health insurance. You may think you’re healthy and don’t have to worry about it. Or the cost might be keeping you from getting coverage. But what if you get