Secrets to Having a Positive Body Image

Feeling Good
About Your Body

Chances are you’re the only person in the world who notices the three pounds you put on over the holidays, or the fact that your trendy haircut has now grown into a few split ends. Every woman – whether you’re supermodel Cindy Crawford or rocking songstress Barbara Streisand – has insecurities. But it’s time to stop focusing on the negative and learn how to accept, and even appreciate, the characteristics that make you different.


Factors that contribute to negative body image:

  • The pressure to look thin, or maybe athletic, and to wear certain types of trendy clothing.
  • Too many of us “buy-in” to what we all “should” be as determined by standards of society.
  • Social comparison logically follows the buy-in. The more bought-in you are to the standard, the more likely you are to compare yourself to unattainable paradigms.
  • Interpersonal experiences can be rewarding or difficult whether it involves growing up (teasing), early romantic relationships (teenage years) and even adult relationships.
  • The closer one’s physical characteristics are to the standard, the happier they are, right? It’s not always the case. Most of us are not the size two in magazines but we continue to strive to be.
  • The more stressed out you are, the more vulnerable you’ll be to feeling bad about yourself. Overall health and well-being are key components for maintaining a healthy body image and vice versa.

“Individuals sometimes think that if they buy the right thing, wear the right clothes, or use the right products that they will feel better,” Stewart says. “However, the effect of these things is temporary. A healthy body image has to be cultivated on purpose.”

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