Why research your Surgeon and Hospital

The importance of a Second Opinion before surgery

Why is it so important to seek a second medical opinion? There have been many issues of Medical Fraud brought to light in recent years. As medical costs and everything related to medical care continue to rise to staggering price tags, there are many individuals as well as doctors who have chosen to misuse and taken advantage of the systems and patients. While the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has started to show signs of reducing medical costs through implementation of its various provisions we are still facing medical fraud issues; not only from individuals, but from many Hospitals and Doctors forcing patients to have unnecessary medical procedures.

In an article written by USA Today, A Hospital and 11 surgeons in London, Kentucky are accused of performing unnecessary surgery on patients in order to increase profits and personal income, in addition to exposing patients to multiple unnecessary surgeries.

A gentleman by the name of Edward Marshall 67, who resides in London Kentucky, is one of as many as 400 individuals suing a Kentucky hospital and 11 cardiologists on its staff.  The lawsuits claims a Hospital in Kentucky owned by Catholic Health Initiatives and its doctors performed risky and unneeded cardiac procedures without merit or sustainable cause and was motivated by financial reasons. One of Marshal surgeries cost as much as $20,000

The suit cites the death of two patients, and permanent life altering effects of  the patients that went through these unnecessary surgeries, including the requirement to be on blood thinning medicine indefinitely.

While the Hospital and Doctors denies the claims, Medical records tell another story. There are at least 5 other groups outside the plaintiffs that have cited the hospital and doctors at least four times with questionable behavior, and activities.

  • The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid cited the Hospital two years ago for failing to review the medical necessity of over 3300 cardiac surgeries that took place there.
  • The Hospital is under investigation by the Lexington U.S. attorney’s office for the medical necessity of cardiac procedures performed in the last several years, and the relationship between the Hospital and its cardiologist.
  • The Doctor named in the lawsuit is currently the subject of a federal criminal health care fraud investigation.
  • Medical Licensure Board of Kentucky found in January the main doctor named in the lawsuit provided substandard care to patients in eighty percent of the records it examined in it is initial review of hospital records.

Edward Marshal did not realize this, till he went to see another doctor who told him his last surgery was unnecessary. How could this have happened ?

How much should you know about your Doctor ?

The Edward Marshal lawsuit raises a bigger question of how much should a patient research a surgeon, and a doctor before going under the knife. Many patients become too comfortable with their doctors and directions given by them, and fail to complete the necessary research. There are many complications inherently present during surgery choosing the incorrect surgeon magnify the possibility of complications, and even death.

There is a lot of information regarding the Hospital and the doctors track record that are readily available in the public domain. These records go back several years and they clearly state the various investigations taking place regarding the hospital and the doctor. It is a crucial step before any surgery to research your doctor. After all your life depends on it.  Here is a list below of recommended options in researching your doctor, and getting a second opinion.

How to research and choose the right surgeon ?

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