List of Obamacare Premium Rates Across the US

obamacare premium rates

 Obamacare Premium Rates Across the US 

This week the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation compiled a list from public data of Health Insurance Exchange premium rates across the United States that are expected to be part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Health Insurance Exchanges.

The report concludes so far over all rates that have been release are so far lower than what was projected by the CBO (congressional budget office) Health Insurance Premiums will vary from state to state and are only focused on the individual market. The individual market will be geared toward individuals who are not currently receiving health insurance from their employers. As of the latest report there are currently 17 states plus the District of Columbia running and managing their own Health Insurance Exchange.

Plans on the Health Insurance Exchange will be established on medal tier systems.- bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The bronze plans will have the lowest cost, but will also have customers paying highest out of pocket amount. There will also be tax subsidies available to individuals that fit certain financial criteria.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act prohibits insurance carriers from charging higher premium based on medical history, or pre-existing conditions, however there are several key factors that promote to the considerable difference of Health Insurance premiums across state lines, theses factors include cost of health care services, age, family size, and tobacco usage. Additionally starting in 2014 the level of benefits received from each health insurance plan on or off the exchange will be significantly more; based on the laws mandate that each health insurance plan provides a set of  essential health benefits, some of these benefits include child vision and dental, wellness care, hospitalization and prescription drugs to name a few.  

Throughout the summer the cost of premiums for exchange plans have been a large unknown and have led to myriad of speculations across the United States. This list from Kaiser is the first draft of rates across the United States, while this list is a first pass the complete and actual information will not be available unit the exchange is open for transactions October 1, 2013. Download Full Report

 Summary  findings.

Insurance company participating on the Exchange: In each state there are at least two insurance providers, offering multiple plans. New York has the highest number of insurers participating with 16. Vermont, Maine, and Rhode Island have the minimum number of participants with 2 providers each.

obamacare premium rates



  Exchange Premium Rates

Premiums will vary based on multiple factors. This scenario takes a look at a 40 Year old with a $28,275 household income. Before any subsidies are taken into account Baltimore, Maryland based on information provide so far will have the lower premium rate for the Bronze plan at $146 dollar, while Burlington, Vermont comes in with the highest rate at $336 dollars.

Obamacare Premium Rates 2

Singe 25- Year old making $28,725

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 6.47.26 AM

Singe 60- Year old making $28,725

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 6.47.34 AM

Download Full Report

Update: 9/25/2014: The department of HHS  released rates for all states, . Click here to see the full list of Rates for all states, and DC

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