Obamacare Microchip Myth Explained


Obamacare Microchip Myth Explained: Truth behind the Myth

Obamacare Microchip Myth Explained: Running a Health Care site means we receive a lot of questions and lots of queries. One of the ones we get a lot is, “Will Obamacare require a Microchip implanted in people?” As silly as it sounds we have gotten this question asked many times. At first we thought it was a one off, and then after multiple queries we’ve decided to write an article to dispel the rumor and provide actual facts to counter this issue.

The Myth that has been going around the net states “Obamacare will require everyone to have a microchip implanted into their bodies”. This Microchip is supposed to contain medical information on the individual.

Currently there is no plan, nor does it say anywhere in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act individuals will need to be implanted with a Microchip. This rumor was brought to life through misrepresentation of a bill with a similar name that never became law.

There was a bill in 2009 known as America’s Affordable Healthcare Choices Act of 2009. H.R.3200, this bill references a medical device registry. This medical device registry would create a registry for all devices that are used on a patient. These devices included; pacemakers, blood pressure machines, glucose meters, and yes implantable microchips) It does not call for anyone to be implanted with a device, simply that all medical devices used on individuals are registered. These are similar to the type of microchips that are used on animals, the FDA states that modified versions of these can be used on humans no to be confused with “to be used on humans”.  This bill was never passed into law, and it’s a dead bill.

Consequently Obamacare’s official name is, “the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” H.R.3950. Which is very similar to the dead bill, However if you read the whole 2000 plus pages of the bill, or do a text search  you will not find any reference to Microchip implants, or anything about Medical Device registry. Don’t take my word for it, read The H.R.3950 Bill yourself.

There is no provision of the Patient protection and affordable care act that references a law requiring anyone to get a microchip. This is a rumor that has gain traction through the misrepresentation, and lack of basic understanding of legal documents that never became law. Hopefully anyone searching or looking to ask a question on this will find solace with these facts.

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