Obamacare 2015 Summary and Whats to come in 2016

Obamacare 2015 Summary and Whats  to come in 2016

In 2016 just like the previous years have seen  The Affordable Care Act go through a back and forth with Congress, and The US supreme court amongst other things. As we start 2016 here is a summary of the biggest Obamacare news from 2015.  These were the biggest Obamacare stories of the year about to end.

Back to the United States Supreme Court

The republicans and opponents of the health care law had yet another change to deal a devastating blow to The Affordable Care Act before the United States Supreme Court, and once again fell short just as they had three years before. Chief Justice John Roberts again sided with the high court’s four liberals, along with Justice Anthony Kennedy, to reject a lawsuit named King v. Burwell was based on a fictitious history of the Affordable Care Act that attempted to gut the law by singling out a handful of words and claiming Obamacare only permitted health insurance subsidies in states that created their own health insurance exchanges, not in those with federally run marketplaces. This case threatened to rob millions of their health coverage, but in the end, all it did was waste a lot of time

 The United States Uninsured Rate Continues to Plummets

The Department of Health and Human Services estimates 17.6 million more people have health coverage than before Obamacare benefits kicked in on Jan. 1, 2014. Survey after survey from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Gallup and others show the percentage of Americans without health insurance is the lowest ever measured. These numbers clear support the aim of the Affordable Care Act from its inception

 Congressional Republicans Finally Achieve Obamacare Fight: Win 

The 50 or so votes to repeal The Affordable Care Act from 2011 to 2015 didn’t actually have much of an impact on The Affordable Care Act, and the changes Obama actually signed into law were pretty minor — until this year. First, they undid part of the law that would have classified a lot of small businesses as big companies when it came to health benefits. But the biggest change – and a significant loss for Obamacare and for the White House — came with the enthusiastic support of congressional Democrats. Legislation Obama enacted this month delays the “Cadillac tax” on high-cost health insurance plans (a major source of revenue and a key tool in containing health care costs) along with taxes on medical device companies and health insurers. Bipartisanship!

Premium Sticker Shock

The Affordable Care Act premiums came in lower than Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projections in 2014, and average increases in 2015 were in the mid-single digits. However in the 2016 enrollment period that occurred in 2015, Average premium increases were higher and individual plans hiked prices by a whole lot more. Health insurance companies complained that Obamacare customers were sicker and more expensive than they expected, prompting fears that enrollment would stagnate as prices rose and drove out those who needed the coverage less, provoking even higher rate increases in the future.

UnitedHealth Wants to Jump Ship

UnitedHealth Group The largest health insurance provider in the US, but a minor player in the Health Insurance Marketplaces, told investors it was losing money on Obamacare and might pull out, it raised eyebrows. However it needs to be noted, the other big insurers quickly said they had no intention of bailing on the exchanges; the UnitedHealth news was a reminder that Obamacare is still new — and vulnerable to health insurance providers.

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