New Mexico: Health Insurance Exchange Decision

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez’s (R) Will be moving ahead to establish a state-run Insurance Exchange to help tens of thousands of individuals find affordable health insurance they currently lack.

New Mexico will setup their own state based exchange to implement a major part of the Affordable Care Act with state input,  Susana Martinez (R) announced. Martinez will now join 4 other republican-led state in embracing the Health Care Reform Law, such state includes Idaho, Nevada, Iowa, and Mississippi.

“Overall, we never really wavered from the idea that it needs to be a state exchange,” Human Services Secretary Sidonie Squier said in an interview Tuesday.

Martinez doesn’t plan to establish a new agency to run the exchange. Instead, the exchange will be operated by the New Mexico Health Insurance Alliance, a nonprofit public corporation established in 1994 to provide access to insurance for small businesses and some individuals. The alliance is funded by an assessment on insurance companies.

The state received a $34 million federal grant for an exchange, with almost $24 million earmarked for a computer system that will be used by uninsured New Mexicans to shop for health plans in the marketplace. The alliance plans to award a contract for the computer system in early January.

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