Registration Rules

  1.  Participant creates an account on the site.
  2. Participants submit no more than 1 essay minimum 600 words not to exceed 1000 words, and 1 Video not to exceed 90 seconds per donation period. The video maybe uploaded to YouTube and a link of the video is posted with the application.
  1. The applications are submitted directly to or submit a zipped file via email to All applications confirmed for the programs are published within the “iHelpCare Program” section of our site. However, the applications are subjected pre-moderation, meaning that they might not be approved for the program if they do not meet the standard qualifications; Applications are also monitored after the publication and can be removed from the program at any time at the sole discretion of Applications are posted on the site within one week of submission. Please check back on the site for status.
  2. Each applicant can only be granted one single entry per donation period even if he/she posts several applications during the donation period. Only one will be accepted.
  3. Participants agree that all applications submitted to the “iHelpCare Program” may be used by for any kind of promotional activities, free of charge or royalties, without any limitations and without prior or subsequent notice to the author.
  4. Applicants assume full responsibility for the legality of the content they submit. Without limitation to any of the above, each Participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless and its employees, directors and affiliates from and against any damages, losses, costs, claims, including immaterial and indirect damages, attributable to or sustained in connection with the content submitted by such Participant.

List of requirements for Participants

  1. The text shall be composed in English (including the attachments such as graphic materials).
  2. The length of the text shall vary between 600 and 1000 words. Be creative but stick to the topic!
  3. The text should be accompanied by a video to last no more than 90 seconds within a standard video format; mpg, jpg, mv4, mp4 format, or valid youtube link other attachments can include pictures not to exceed a quantity of 3. Please zip files if you are sending videos, along with applications via email. If the email is rejected due to size consider compressing your video or sending a youtube link. When using such a graphic element that are not the authors, Copyright notice may not be omitted (cropped out or otherwise) by the Participant.
  4. employees are not allowed to register for this program.
  5. Please e-mail all questions to



Rules for posted content

Before submitting your application text and videos, please make sure that you are familiar with the major restrictions allotted to the texts:

  1. The article should be created exclusively for the iHelpCare Program by the same person who submits the application. An individual may receive assistance in filling out the application online, but may not have someone else complete the essay or video.
  2. The iHelpCare Program is not for advertisement purposes. Applicants are not allowed to include any information that directly promotes their professional activity, even if it is related to article. Neither are they permitted to promote or popularize any third parties in their texts.
  3. Please do not mislead us, in your video or essay, or allocate inappropriate headings (captions) with the purpose of increasing your applications popularity.
  4. Respect copyright. Do not submit texts you didn’t compose or use content that someone else owns copyright to, such as snippets of copyrighted programs, or articles created by other users, without necessary authorizations. Note that breach of this rule may lead to your personal liability towards the author.
  5. No use of trademarks. Do not use the names or trademarks of established brands in a way that might suggest that you are endorsed by or otherwise affiliated with such brand. Consider also that the excessive use of brand names may violate the rule against direct or indirect marketing.
  6. Do not include content that violates any of the sensible areas described in the guidelines on restricted or sensible topics.

Please take these rules seriously. iHealthcareupdates warns participants against trying to look for loopholes or trying to circumvent the guidelines in any manner. Sticking to the rules is in the interest of the iHelpCare Progams applicant. Applications that do not comply with the requirements will not pass the pre-moderation and will not be accepted to the program, may be removed at a later stage and even lead to the disqualification of the Participant, thus making the invested efforts senseless.




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