“iHelpCare Program” 

Do you know someone that has been diagnosed with a medical condition and need some help paying their hospital bill? Do you have friends lacking medical insurance and mounting hospital and doctor debt? Are you or do you know a veteran returning from a tour of duty and can not cover all their medical expenses even with the support of the VA programs ? If you answer yes to any of this question, please consider applying to the iHelpCare Program.

iHealthCareupdates.com is aware of the financial hardships that many individuals face in their day to day lives; these hardships are often compounded and made more challenging when health, wellness and insurance issues are involved.  Hearing the stories of our many visitors have led us to establish the “iHelpCare Program”. Where we use a portion of our advertising and sponsorship revenues to support our readers to not only promote wellness but also support them with their health care challenges.

The mission of the “iHelpCare Program” is to help support individuals and families through a one time financial donation to be payed directly to a Hospital, Doctor, Clinic, Medical Center, Insurance Company of other health facility.  The amount will be a minimum of a $1000 per reward period, but may increase up to 50% of advertising revenue generated by ihealthcareupdates.com during the application process.

The eligibility of this program is open to anyone  in need of financial assistance to cover a medical bill they have incurred and can’t pay through lack of income, or other financial difficulties in their life. We want this program to be simple, and open to anyone in need of assistance with their mounting medical bills. The application period is October 10,2014 to Jan 10, 2015 Please register on the site or like the page through facebook to be kept inform of the application process.

Please ask all questions or share your interests with regards to this program in the iHealthCare forum donation section. Please find the complete registration rules on the Rules & Regulations page. Other questions can be emailed to helpcareprogram@ihealthcareupdates.com




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