Ways to Prepare Healthy Family Dinners

How to Prepare Healthy Family Dinners 1

How to Prepare Healthy Family Dinners

 5 Key components


Creating a healthy and tasty dinner these days have become very complicated, and challenging for most modern nuclear families. Through navigating the complexities of work, helping the kids with homework, and cleaning up often lead many families with minimal options for dinner. Dinner for some families consist of grazing on whatever is available in the fridge, ordering take out, or sometimes eating the children’s snacks and going to bed. Needless to say these options are not the best options and usually lead to an unhealthy lifestyle for both you and your family. This article focuses on providing a list of staple items that can be included in your dinner meals to ensure a tasty and healthy meal for the whole family. The lists of items provided are focused on two key objectives.

1) Simplicity: Items you have readily available, and will take less than 30 minutes to prepare.

2) Healthiness: Healthy meal components that will support the dietary basics of every member of the family including anyone trying to loose a few pounds.

Greens as Part of Healthy Family Dinners:

How to Prepare Healthy Family Dinners 2

Start you meals out with a simple salad. This can be purchased pre-mixed, or you can cut some greens in mx in a Ziploc bag Sunday evening. This should give you a couple of days before going bad. Greens are very important as a first meal because not only is a salad with limited dressing low in calories, but also provides necessary fiber, which helps you, stay satisfied longer, additionally fiber has been found to help promote weight loss.

Lean Protein as Part of Healthy Family Dinners:

Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat eater, having a proper amount of protein will help support and provide the essential amino acids we all need, but also promote the feeling of fullness. As with everything else portion control is always crucial. Consider various sources of lean protein such as Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish, Tofu or Beans. They all promote and help provide energy, and are able to support various diets including vegetarian diets.

Whole Grains as Part of Healthy Family Dinners:

Healthy Family Dinners:

There are various whole grains that are not only delicious, but also are very healthy brown rice, quinoa and whole-wheat. Our top pick is brown rice. To most individuals white rice may appear more delicious than brown rice, but fails to be a healthier option, this is because studies conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have found brown rice is the top choice in terms of both nutritional and other inherent healthy benefits. Try cooking your brown rice with vegetable stock or low sodium chicken stock both of which will enhance the flavor without affecting the nutritional value.

Water as Part of Healthy Family Dinners:

Throughout the day we often fail to drink a sufficient amount of water. During dinner is a great opportunity to put the soft drinks, wine and juice away and ensure every member of the family have a full glass of water at the table waiting for them. When your body is properly hydrated, the tendency to be fatigued is decreased and helps cleanse your system before bed. Water also provides a feeling of fullness, allowing you in additional aid in ensuring proper portion control.

Desserts as Part of Healthy Family Dinners:

what to eat for dinner

When we are trying to get the family and ourselves to eat healthy we often first start by cutting things out. Desert is usually the first thing to go, it is seen as a luxury, for some this work for others this activity often leads to binge eating down the road. We believe preparation and planning is the key to living a successful and healthy lifestyle. This is one of the reason you should always have a plan to have desert as the final part of your dinner. This gives the whole family something to look forward to. As with everything moderation is always the key, excess eating can turn any healthy meal into a calorie-ridden nightmare. Options include Jell-O Sugar Free pudding pie. This option is tasty and yet very healthy at 30 Calories per serving.

A healthy breakfast starts the day, but a healthy dinner is just as crucial in allowing sufficient family bonding, and preventing late night cravings and munchies.


What are your healthy dinner tips?









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