How to keep your Metabolism at a Healthy Rate

How to keep your Metabolism at a Healthy Rate as You Get Older


How to keep your Metabolism at a Healthy Rate 

There is a growing belief that the older you get, the more your metabolism slows down. This inevitably leads anyone over the age of thirty to believe their hopes of being fit and staying in shape are lost. While it’s true as you get older the body tends to slow down, how this work is not exactly what we have been led to believe. Lets take a look at how to keep your metabolism at a healthy rate as you get older

The food processing part of your metabolism known as thermogenesis stays pretty much the same rate through your adult life. As you age and your level of physical activity lessens, so does your muscle mass. This decrease in muscle mass is accompanied by the tendency for you body to hold additional fat. This results in a decrease of (Basal Metabolic Rate) BMR. This decrease in muscle mass and BMR eventually leads to fewer calories need to be burned on a daily basis. This phenomenon is very common in older, less active individuals. However as many individuals get older they still continue to eat at the same rate hence the extra pounds one tends to gain as they age. Below is a list of a few ways to keep your metabolism in check, as you get older.

Build More Muscle Mass

As you get older you muscle mass tends to be on the decline, combat this through being active not only with cardio activities but with weight training as well. If you are busy at home or at the office fill a couple of water bottles, or jugs with water and use them as weights. These makeshift weights can help around the office and kitchen in helping you strengthen you arm and back muscles. As you get older the focus should be on maintain your muscle mass and preventing it from decreasing.

Don’t Eat Late at Night

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As we age, we tend to skip breakfast and overeat during dinner; snacking after dinner also becomes a very bad habit. As an individual gets older this is the opposite of what they should be doing. The amount of energy required for day to day activities becomes less as we get older, to make it worse the at night when we sleep we expand significantly less energy. Having a full belly at night leads to this food being stored as fat. Eat a great breakfast, and decrease your food intake as the day winds down, rule of thumb stop eating three hours before going to bed.

Early Morning Boost

early morning workoutGet your blood flowing and pumping to start your day off well. Set  aside 15 minutes first thing in the morning to provide your body with a quick burst of energy. Its not necessary to visit a gym first thing in the morning, but focus on such thing as running in place, jumping jacks, push ups, go up and down your house stairs, any of these exercises done intensely enough are sufficient to give you a great boost of energy to get your day started.

Keep a Health Thyroid

Help keep you thyroid running efficiently through ensuring you are supplementing your daily diet with selenium, zinc, copper and iodine. The thyroid gland is known as an endocrine gland. The Thyroid gland stores and produces hormones that affect the function of virtually every organ in your body. Thyroid hormone (Triiodothyronine or T3) regulates our metabolic rate and is associated with modest changes in body weight and energy levels. Major targets of thyroid hormone are the skeleton, the heart, and the metabolic machinery of every cell.

Stay Away from FAD Diets

There are many diets out there focusing on decreased calories, avoid going on a very-low-calorie diet. Many times is a surefire way not to lose any weight. When your body senses any extreme or sudden drop in calories, your resting metabolic rate automatically slow down, because your body now assumes that you’re starving, your daily energy requirement becomes less, and your body start storing an excess calorie as fat.

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