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long term insurance

How to Shop for Long Term Care Insurance

Many people don’t realize that Medicare usually doesn’t cover long-term care, yet lengthy assisted-living or nursing home stays can decimate even the best-laid retirement plan. Long-term care insurance is a complex product that requires a long-term commitment if you’re buying it. So
obesity deemed a disease

Obesity deemed a disease

Obesity deemed a disease  This week the American Medical Association  (AMA), voted  during its 2013 Annual Meeting to adopt several new policies, one in particular includes having obesity deemed a disease. Obesity as a Disease According to the AMA summary document,

Florida’s Reversal on Obamacare

In what appears to be one of the most shocking about face in the expansion of Medicaid as part of Obamacare in the United States, Today Governor Rick Scott of Florida announced the great state of Florida would accept and participate
getting a second opinion prior to surgery

Why research your Surgeon and Hospital

The importance of a Second Opinion before surgery Why is it so important to seek a second medical opinion? There have been many issues of Medical Fraud brought to light in recent years. As medical costs and everything related to medical

Obamacare Continues to Save Billions

Obamacare Saves Billions As many of the provisions of Obamacare are implemented there are a few implemented early in 2010 when the bill became law in that are now showing promising results in reports.  One of these provisions includes the Medicare
Medicare Premium Increase

Medicare Premium Increase for Seniors ?

Medicare Premium maybe rising for seniors? In the last several months many seniors have been shocked from a letter received in the mail telling them their Medicaid premium will be rising by an additionally $1000 or so dollars. Currently 2 Million

What is Medicaid ?

What is Medicaid? Medicaid is a joint program between the states and the federal government that provides certain medical and health benefits for low income individuals and families. The states administer and manage the program on a state by state level.
Fiscal Cliff and Your paycheck

The Fiscal Cliff and Your Paycheck

What the fiscal cliff means for Healthcare and your first paycheck. The house of representative voted 257-167 on a bill aimed to prevent the fiscal cliff that we all have been hearing about for months now. Overall the plan will maintain