Health Care Reform spawns new business for IT Companies


In what can potentially be seen as the potential that exists with Health Care Reform in terms of revenue for companies; HP Enterprise Services was awarded a $48 million contract with the Vermont Health Access Department. This contract was awarded to HP to aid the state of Vermont in reaching its goal of implementing the Affordable Care Act provisions. In addition to setting up a Health Insurance exchange, Vermont will also be accepting the Medicaid Expansion provision of the Affordable Care Act.

Based on the terms of the contract. HP will relocate the Medicaid management information system to a new data center, upgrade the current call center technology, provides claims process and addition to other services such as financial management, drug rebate processing, etc.

HP might have had a hand up on its competitors, as they have had a relationship with Vermont for the last 31 years as the states Medical agent, this contract solidifies the relationship between the state and HP. In addition to this new contract the company has also done previous work for Vermont including the integration of the state of Vermont Medicaid system with at least 25 other health programs within a single-processing environment. These changes help reduced the administrative overhead allowing Vermont to maximize the federal funding they will receive as part of the Medicaid Expansion provision of the Affordable Care Act.

Due to the estimated 30 million individuals that will be entering the Health Insurance market, many companies are increasing their hiring by the thousands to help support the increase in demand for technology to support the various IT systems needed.

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