Community Centers get $150 Million to help with Affordable Care Act Enrollment

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HHS provides $150 Million to help with Affordable Care Act Enrollment

The department of Health and Human services today confirmed via a press release, and conference call they will provide Community health centers, local clinics that provide primary care services mainly to poor and uninsured patients a grant in the amount $150 million to help people enroll individuals with suitable health coverage plan as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable care Act

On a conference call with reporters Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said there are about 1,159 community health centers that will receive a portion of the $150 million dollars starting today. The hope is that the funding will enable these centers to staff up and hire additional resources. Secretary Sebelius estimates the funding can help hire 2,900 individuals. These 2900 newly hired individuals will instruct patients on how to sign up for health coverage via the Health Insurance Market place starting this October 1, 2013. The 1159 clinics across the United States will attempt to help 3.7 million adults enroll in coverage.

This grant is part of a broader roll-out initiative the department of Health and Human Services is rolling out to help educate and instruct the public on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, including a revamped website prior to the open enrollment period from Oct 1, 2013 and lasting till March 2014. As part of the individual mandate of the law most individuals will be required to have a minimum level of health coverage or face a shared responsibility fee to be administered by the IRS.

“Our national network of health centers serves more than 21 million patients every year, many of whom are uninsured. They’re trusted resources, not only of good care but also of information,” Sebelius said. “In some of the neighborhoods that stand to benefit most from the expansion of health coverage, they have the ear of so many Americans we’re trying to educate about the marketplace this summer and fall.”

For a list of health centers receiving this funding, visit:

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