Clinton Confirms Support fo Public Option

Hillary Clinton has long supported Obamacare and its success throughout the Democratic primary season, as well as the creation of new government-run insurance options. Days before she is scheduled to make her first joint campaign appearance with Bernie Sanders ― who has championed government-run insurance and federally financed clinics throughout his career and during his own bid for the presidency. Clinton now sees an opportunity to show her support for a public option when it comes to health care.

Clintons Saturday’s announcement on health policy follows a similar one from Clinton earlier that same week, that she was enhancing her own proposal on education assistance plan to match the considerably more generous version Sanders had sketched out over the past year.

How does a Public Health Option work ?

The idea of the public option ― was first sketched out by Jacob Hacker, a Yale political scientist ― is to create a separate, government-run insurance plan that would compete with private insurers offering coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges. The goal and hope of this plan is to force competition in the health market place. This in effect should help keep health insurance premiums for all the insurance plans low, particularly if the government-run plan has the ability to dictate low reimbursement rates to doctors, hospitals, drugmakers, and other suppliers of medical care.

In the creation of the Affordable Care Act, its authors including President Barack Obama and Democratic leaders included versions of the public option in their proposals when they first began working on health care reform in 2009. However, due to a series of factors, the proponents and writers of the Affordable Care Act scrapped the idea in response to protests from more conservative Democrats, who were less enthusiastic about government programs and industry groups, like hospitals and insurance companies, that feared what a public option would do to their income streams.

The goal of many of these public health related options, are to to give consumers ― in this case, those older than 55 and at greater risk of becoming sick ― one more insurance option if they can’t get coverage through an employer or an existing government program.

What is Clinton Calling for ?

Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s call to increase funding for federally run health clinics, She wants to put $40 billion over 10 years. Unfortunately she hasn’t identified new revenue or spending cuts to cover the cost of the proposal, but she has said that she will remain true to her pledge to pay for the price of any proposals ― a pledge that she has largely kept in this election cycle. If implemented, could help a great many people get medical care.

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