New FDA Ambien Drug Recommendations

This past week the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) announced it would now require any company that make Ambien or any related sleeping pill with Zolpidem to dramatically start cutting the drugs dosage.

The FDA reviewed the information from and estimated 600 reported accidents resulting from individuals driving after they have taken various sleeping medications, such as Ambien. Based on these reports and various studies the FDA concluded with recommendations to drug manufactures and doctors this week.
The FDA concluded Ambien, Ambien CR, Edluar and Zolpimist, and all generic form of the medicine Ambien will have to go through some modifications, and prescription changes. This is because the main ingredient in the drug, zolpidem, continues to linger in the body for a much higher period of time than previously estimated. This causes patients to miscalculate when the drug will be out of their system, and when they can resume normal activities that may require specific levels of alertness, or the operation of heavy machinery.

The studies also found that the drug remained much longer in the system of women then men. Due to the findings the FDA recommends all companies that make such drugs to cut the recommended dosage for women. The original dosage was 10 milligrams the new recommendation is 5 milligrams. This is for Ambien, Edluar and Zolpimist. The new recommendations for the extended release of Ambien CR have now gone from 12.5 milligrams to 6.25 milligrams.
Additionally any patient required to drive or operate heavy machinery or equipment should consult their physician before taking any such medications. These actions taken by the FDA only targes Ambien. Other sleeping medications such as Sonata, and Lunesta have different active ingredients than Ambien. Currently an estimated 39.8 million prescriptions for drugs containing the active ingredient zolpidem were dispensed in 2011. Making sleeping pills containing zolpidem one of the most active prescription across the US

If you are an individual that currently take ambient, or any other sleeping pill that contains Zolpidem please consult your doctor or prescription provider.

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