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Healthcare Reform Implementations Starting in 2013

  This past June the Supreme Court made their decision regarding the Affordable Care Act, three months later President Barack Obama was re-elected by a very large margin, which solidified the Implementation of the Affordable Care Act. While the implementation of
Health Care Reform Bill Tax Implications

Healthcare Reform Bill Tax Implications

  Healthcare Reform Bill Tax Implications As tax season 2013 looms on the verge for all americans, I will be the first person to admit I am not a tax person. As I analyze various portions of the  affordable care act
How to be happier in life

How to be happier in life: 6 Easy Tips to Follow

( How to be happier in life easy question right ? Not always, I visited an old friend of mine the other day. Their home is perfect, beautiful cars, two kids the perfect age apart; everything as it would appear is

Nutrition label information: What’s Important ?

Nutrition label information: What’s Important?   Its coming, you know it and I know it. We adults use any reason or (New Years, Christmas, Independence day, etc)  any holiday to let our taste buds run a muck. We eat cookies, cakes, drink alcoholic

South Carolina: Implement Obamacare and go to Jail

In an interesting turn of events, the State of South Carolina was presented with a bill on December 11, 2012 known as the “South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act” to make it illegal for individuals to attempt to implement
President Obama Announces His Reversal On Contraceptive Coverage For Religious Employers

States Finalize Health Insurance Exchange Decisions

Private Health Insurance Exchange: In November President Obama was re-elected as president of the United State; This meant we were moving forward with Health Care Reform, and Obamacare. In November HHS announce an extension to the state exchange decision. It is

Mental Health and Violence

The Association between Mental Health Illness and Violence   Since Friday December 14 it has been very hard to turn away from the Sandy hook tragedy. As a parent it’s hard not to feel some amount of pain for what these
how to treat anxiety

How to treat Anxiety

  How to treat anxiety attacks. Throughout the years, there have been many close friends of mine facing anxiety issues, whether it was my college roommate, ex-girlfriends, or myself when relocating  cross country for a new job. I never realized how